The most SPECTACULAR HEADWEAR on this planet!

feat. 24-Karat Gold Charms on premium Baseball Caps.

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  • USD 259

    24K Triple Gold Charms - All the way up!

  • USD 89

    24K Gold - Surfboards (Patch)

  • USD 99

    24K Gold - Butterfly (Patch)

  • USD 249

    24K Triple Gold Charms BIG - The Kings


Are the Charms made out of real gold?

YES! All of our charms are plated with real 24-karat gold.

Why do I need to sign up to see the collection?

The Hinterfallen spectacular headwear is made in our own workshops in Switzerland and Europe.

Currently we have a strictly limited production capacity.

Therefore, we're giving priority access to new releases and limited editions to our existing customers and loyal fans.

Thank you for your understanding!

Why are prices of some products much higher?

We use different amount of real gold treatments for charms and jewelry items.

Some items are made with a much higher amount of gold which automatically raises the price.

How can I get in touch with Hinterfallen?

After you get access to our limited/signature collection you can contact us any time by email or Whatsapp.