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Welcome to Hinterfallen, where we're all about top-notch headwear that takes your style to the next level. Based in Switzerland, we're committed to quality and obsessed with creating head-turning designs. Our goal is crystal clear: to make the most spectacular headwear on this planet!

our unique creations
American Baseball Caps + 24K Gold Charms

Our amazing design innovation is the fusion of 24-karat real gold-plated charms with American-style baseball, snapback, and trucker caps. To produce these types of designs, we had to push the boundaries of today's headwear manufacturing capabilities. The many customized design elements forced us to reinvent existing production processes, create complicated new craftsman tools, and even build up our own production workshop. The investment in production was huge, but it's exactly what sets us apart from any other headwear company today.

our values
Quality & Outstanding Designs

Quality and extraordinary design are at the core of everything we do. Switzerland is well known for its commitment to excellence, and the focus on quality is deeply rooted in the Swiss production philosophy. At Hinterfallen, we honor this philosophy, ensuring that each cap we create will bring you joy for many seasons to come.

But it's not just the quality focus that sets us apart. Incredible, unique, bold, shiny, and even extravagant designs are what we are all about. Inspired by a traditional Swiss jewelry-making technique from the 18th century, we've started to combine a long-existing artisanry with modern fashion. Our true success story began when we decided to expand our collection from fashion to trending headwear.

our mission
Spectacular Headwear

To us, spectacular headwear is not just about flashy ideas and eye-catching looks, but the fusion of outstanding designs and continuous dedication to quality. We're on a mission to be the absolute best at what we do, and we don't settle for anything less.

Today, at Hinterfallen, we are able to create headwear designs that no other company around the world can. Our untiring focus on quality, our passion to innovate, and our obsession to excel get us one step further every single day. Our products are pure fashion statements. They are made to reinvent headwear's DNA. When thinking of headwear, we see a ton of improvements, designs, and products that are yet to be made. When thinking of headwear, we see a huge playground, and we've only just started to play!

24K-Gold Collection

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